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Synopsys Sinetron, Thursday, 31st Dec 2009

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Episode Bayu Cinta Luna Ep. 74 
Showed On

Episode 74, Thrusday, 31st December 2009 

Lia orders Riska to pack all her things and leave the house immediately. Bayu explains to Imran that Rahman has decided to take his share of the wealth and have nothing more to do with the family. The doctor explains the results of the check up and says that Zia is not pregnant. The doctor also finds a cyst in Zia's womb. Zia is shocked.

Episode Hafizah Ep. 42
Showed On  

Episode 42, Thrusday, 31st December 2009 

Talita reminds Surya to educate Hafizah properly and also to stay away from Bara. Surya is infuriated to hear Talita and explains that Bara is the source of all the problems that have happened. Alona insults Hafizah's family by saying that they are incompetent in education their child. Hafizah flares up and slaps Alona hard.

Episode Kesetiaan Cinta Ep. 31
Showed On

Episode 31,
Thrusday, 31st December 2009 

Agnes accuses Dimas of stealing Lukman's safe box because Dimas never seems to have a job. Tony explains to Lukman that he will not force Julia to marry Arya. Winda informs Vera about the plan that Andre has made.

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